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Whenever we are faced with a crisis, many small and big businesses are forced to ‘adapt or die’.

What does it mean to ‘pivot your business? To pivot your business means to change your strategy. Not necessarily what you offer, but how you offer it.

We invited Kory Shukrani to share her insights on how to pivot a product-based business during a crisis. Kory is the founder of Atara Beauty – a ‘hair-care, self-care’ company founded on the notion that women can do better

Atara beauty is a product-based business, but a lot of times it requires face-to-face interaction where she is able to not only speak about the benefits of her product but also demonstrate her passion for her ‘hair-care, self-care’ products which helps influence the buyer’s decision.

With the pandemic on the rise and different levels of lockdown being put in place, this has not only affected her sales but also the ability to access her suppliers from across the globe.

Even once the pandemic is over, there will be an after-effect, and as a brand, we need to start thinking differently because it will never be the same again. No one can predict the severity of the crisis, but how you react to it will show whether your business is all about the value or all about survival.

If you have an ability to connect, you cannot afford to keep quiet. Connect and check on your clients by making use of your digital platforms. Show that your care – ask about their hair state and offer home-based solutions if possible.

You can use online stores for your clients to be able to place orders, which in turn will allow you to include “Link in Bio” captions when advertising your products.

It’s important to be optimistic in this situation. Think differently and things will work out.

“I believe in my self-care vision, which is why it is important for me to build up material that I will use to serve my community in these times, such as self-care guides.” – Kory  

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Matthew Rolls

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Kory Shukrani

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Litsoanelo Ramanamane