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How to disaster-proof your brand – Denis Rolls “Every business should try to be a brand, and every business should try to be a good brand to be able to survive” – Denis Rolls, CEO and Founder of Pixel-Tone Media

When asked if his business can survive without an office space, he says “we focus so much on consulting now, so it is much easier to work from anywhere in the world. Ideally, it is always best to have a client walk-in, but we adapt”.

Small business can act as a flexible brand 

As a small business, flexibility should be part of your ethos: your day-to-day operations. The idea of a small business is being agile. If you are not agile, you are going to die, because speed is everything. Your agility is going to be core to how you deal with any situation.

Relationship in business

You need to understand the purpose of building a brand and having an actual company: when you are a brand, you have an audience and/or core customer base, and for you to continue rendering service or selling products to them, trust will have to be the basis of your relationship. For example, you can communicate “There’s a pandemic ahead, we are going through a lockdown period – our services will be disturbed, however, these are the precautions we have put in place” because your clients trust you, they will allow you to do that. Transparency and authenticity are the core value of any relationship.

Communication and honesty also play a significant role in any relationship. Sometimes we find ourselves, under-pricing, over-working, under-delivering which can put us in a position where we have to be dishonest. Trust is built in the beginning. A good example is when the client requests a discount: a) you tell them they can get a discount but they must know it will hinder the quality of the service you are about to render to them – You communicated, and that’s honesty. If the transaction is being compromised, the quality of the service will also be compromised.

Behavioural science is the future of the brand

It lies with your audience. They have information. Once you know your audience, behavioral science becomes valuable because you have a reference to who they are. When you understand how they behave, you know what to look for when you are looking for information and that is why it’s important. This helps disaster-proof your brand as well because their behaviour will almost be predictable.

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