Attention is the new currency

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The conversation derived from Phindile’s experience as the Director of a Public Relations and a Marketing Communications Agency – At Handle.

The purpose of the engagement was to touch on key points of how & why Attention Is The New Currency, and how businesses can use this to their advantage.

The following questions were asked to stir the conversation:

  1. What does attention mean for you in this social world as far as your work goes?

“Attention for me has become everything and this is based on the industry we are in. We mostly operate in the entertainment and music space. So If you look at brands such as Sportscene and Reebok – the whole point is to drive attention to the brand, drive attention to the product, and whatever they are selling at this point in order to make sales.

Attention is a powerful tool. We work with different individuals and in order to get attention, we must pay attention first. We need to pay attention to the people viewing and streaming our content before we can even get attention from them.

Something more than attention is connection. For example, when we look at Nadia Nakai – attention was built from the connection she has with her audience, the connection that she built with the brands and business partners. Her collaborations grew from that.

We need to collaborate – be it business-wise or creatively. Attention to us strives when there are solid connection and collaboration between the parties involved.

  1. Would you say there is a formula for creating attention and collaboration? If so, what is your formula?

There is no set formula. Everyone gets a customised strategy in order to achieve their goals. So be it attention, or just trying to make sales, or trying to get your hands into the pie, there is a different formula for everybody.

When it came to Nadia, it was very important to understand what the objective was. Of course, we built on strategy and knew why we had to go through certain groups and directions. But at the end of the day, we just took who she is: She is a people’s person, she loves performing for people and she treats everyone with the kind of respect, the same kind of care and also trusts. It was easy to link her with brands that have the same kind of ethics and ethos.

If you are looking for attention, pay attention to who you are looking for attention from. Who are those people? What do they resonate with?  

Collaboration is the way to go. You start to view people in a different light. Instead of seeing them as enemies, you see them as to how can they help you to get where you want to be. 

  1. How important are attention metrics of your audience, brand, clients, business?

When someone walks in and say they are looking for PR. It’s very hard to put that objective to a number. First, we need to customise the customer’s KPI’s. The defined KPI’s will give us a potential estimate to the attention we will get, for both the digital and traditional platforms. It really depends on where you want to go.

The quality of the numbers (audience) matters the most.

Hosted by

Matthew Rolls

Special guests

Phindile Matroshe Mtshali

Article by

Litsoanelo Ramanamane